Why do college students drink beer?

In college, you have to work hard to get your degree. It includes not missing lectures, participating in discussions and presentations, creating projects, and writing papers. Sometimes there is so much to do that you start wondering, «Who can write my paper instead of me?» which ends up in hiring professional academic writers. However, college can also be fun with all the trips, parties, and the time you spend with your friends. One of the essential elements of having fun is drinking, and not a single party is spent without some alcohol staring from wine and beer. In this article, we will discuss what makes beer so attractive to students and what the best beer for college students is and ways of drinking it.

How to drink beer in college

If studies take so much time that you cannot attend a party, then you definitely need some help (for example, get an accounting homework helper). But when you finally get to the party, you can enjoy it to the fullest with your friends, music and great drinks. Beer is one of the most popular ones as it is light, cheap, and tasty. There are some more reasons students choose the best college beer:

To lower the level of stress

College can be tough, especially when you put an effort and don't want to drop out after the first term. You constantly experience pressure from your teachers, deadlines, extracurricular projects with less time for your friends and relations. Beer is a great way to feel relieved after a hard day or week and forget about all the difficulties;

To make friends

In college, you constantly meet new people that may feel awkward and sometimes even challenging for those who are more introverts. New experiences can seem easier with having a few drinks: you become more relaxed and sociable, getting rid of the awkwardness and taking the situation easy. Of course, you will make a better impression when sober, but at a party, it doesn't matter;

To fit in

Drinking has become some common in university that not drinking may seem weird. If you don't want to be an outlier and fit in the group, you should drink: even a little will work to become a part of the company and beer works great in this case;

To get distracted

Having a few beers can be a good way to get distracted from something bad, which makes you upset and just forget about it. We are constantly dealing with something so feeling a bit relieved is sometimes exactly what is needed;

To have fun

One of the most common and universal ways is to drink beer to have fun. It can be a party, a trip, or just a company of friends hanging out together.
Here are some rules to help you in the right beer drinking:
Don't drink warm beer, never ever because it tastes like the urine;
Open it yourself thus promoting your friends to join;
Even if the beer is bad, don't complain if it's free;
Always eat before drinking a lot of beer;
Energy beer is the drink for kids;
Don't swipe the beer even if you can't find yours;
Drink water between the beers to avoid hangover;
Hold it in your mouth before swallowing for a better taste;
Play beer pong to have fun.
This is college, so choose the way of drinking you like and enjoy the party.