Student Festivals 2020

Being a student is the greatest happiness, although many students can oppose this statement. Of course, studying in college or university presupposes that a person will devote yourself to gaining new knowledge and aim to become a specialist in a particular sphere. However, let’s not forget that youth is the time for parties, first love, and unforgettable impressions. That’s why the only solution is to balance personal life and studying to succeed in both activities. Students have more time and relative freedom of action, that’s why visiting festivals is a rather popular option among them.
Don’t matter whether you go there alone or with friends, the community in such festivals is so friendly that you surely won’t be alone. However, if traveling on your own is impossible for you, use the Internet to find like-minded people who can accompany you. Use your social media accounts or register on dating service, such as Fling and meet new people there. Look through fling review to make sure that it can be used not only for dating purposes.
We’ve selected the best events for you, so read about each and choose one that appeals to you most.

Hay Festival

It will take place in September and must be attended by all students who appreciate arts and science. This festival is one of the most important events in the Hispanic community that is devoted to literature. Namely, literature was given the greatest attention at the very beginning. However, now the festival invites experts in cinema, environmental studies, music, visual arts, journalism and so on. Visitors can attend lectures and concerts, watch movies, participate in workshops, and be engaged in lots of interesting activities: open new pieces of literature and new opportunities for collaboration with other students and institutions at the Hay Festival.

Freshers Festival

If you want to feel the part of a large and friendly community, visit this event. Freshers Festival usually occurs in September, but the exact dates are to be confirmed due to the coronavirus outbreak. But the motto of this festival is to boost students’ spirits by communicating with brands and organizations, meeting new people and making new friends. It’s a good place to find out more about studying in the UK, so all who aim to get an education in this country should consider visiting the Freshers Festival.

STIFF Festival

Student International Film Festival is the place where young achievers in the movie industry show their masterpieces. You won’t see the movies filmed by world-famous directors there. This festival aims to prove that unknown filmmakers and even students can create movies that are worth attention. It creates many networking opportunities, so young independent filmmakers can find out about each other and make a deal about collaboration. Perhaps, some of these movie makers will become famous one day.

Greifswald Student Festival

This event is funded by a non-profit organization that lets students of all nationalities visit it. If you’re interested in solving current problems, humanity faces today, apply for admission, and be eligible to visit it. Participants of the Greifswald festival discuss modern problems, share ideas on making the society better, and look for effective solutions. Those students who are concerned with the future of society and humanity, in general, won’t regret that they decided to attend it.